External Wall Insulation keeps your heat in, so you can turn down your thermostat and run your heating less, saving you money and reducing your energy bills. 




Save pounds by making simple lifestyle changes

Energy Check List

There are a few simple, free or cheap changes you can make that will reduce your energy bills:

If you don't pay your energy bills to your park site owner, look at switching suppliers. This can feel like a lot of hassle but many councils offer a service to support you, if not look online for bill switching services. There are people that can help you switch, they don't charge for help and can save you hundreds of pounds ayear off your energy bills.



Small, free changes can make a big difference to your energy bill


Only fill your kettle with enough water for what you need.

Don't leave electrical items on standby.

Switch lights and electrical items off when not in use.

Don't leave your hot tap running when washing up, use a dishwasher or bowl.

Put on a jumper and some fluffy socks and turn down your thermostat one degree (never turn it below eighteen degrees and ideally have it set to twenty-one).

Only use the washing machine when you have a full load.

Defrost your freezer regularly and fill empty areas with newspaper or polystyrene.

Close up your curtains in the evening.

Don't linger in the shower.


Park Home Energy Efficiency

Your park home walls make up the biggest area of your home so these should be the first thing you insulate when you are looking at improving your home.


Your roof and under floor should be next so that you keep out the cold air rising into your home and prevent the heat from rising out through the roof.

Free Energy Advice from your trusted installer


Call or email if you have any questions regarding how to save energy in your home. A qualified Domestic Energy Advisor is available to answer any questions regarding energy efficiency generally and in park homes.

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