External Wall Insulation ( EWI ) is fixed to the outside of your home, adding a deep layer of insulation to your home. Not all systems are the same. Our unique systems will bring you the following benefits.


Lower Energy Bills

External Wall Insulation ( EWI ) does a lot more than works like a thick winter coat for your home, a well-designed system like ours, that has been developed over the last decade will raise the temperature of your outside walls, meaning that you can turn down the temperature of your heating in your home and still feel comfortable. The lower your thermostat, the lower your electric or gas bill. Our customers tell us that their bills have reduced by between 20% and 50%. Other external wall systems may not do this as their are many different types available.

External Wall Insulation System


Cooler in The Summer

You probably know that external wall insulation will keep your home warmer in the winter but did you realise it will also keep you cooler in the summer? The same technology that is warming your walls, wont get significantly hotter in the summer so that heat is not transferred into your home.

Increased Privacy

Did you also know that the thick layer of insulation helps keep unwelcome noise out of your home too? And it keeps your “noise” inside your home, increasing your privacy.

No more maintenance

Another very important benefit is that the insulation and its multi-render coating are encasing your home and protecting the original structure. Any areas of weakened ply will be replaced by us before the external wall insulation is put on your home. There will be no more replacement ply issues or painting needed once your insulation is installed, so no unexpected bills to worry about. Your home will need a yearly wash down as, like your windows, it may get dirty but that’s the only attention it might need. Our paint has a ten year guarantee and the system comes with a twenty-five year guarantee for extra peace of mind. Other installers may use standard exterior paint on your home, this will not work in the same way and you will need to maintain your home carefully to prevent damage.

Like a New Home

We also think that homes that have our external wall insulation look like brand new bungalows. The windows appear to be set back as the thick layer of insulation is installed with complimentary new window cills to complete the look, complementing the colour finish you have chosen. With a yearly wash down your home will look like new and be the envy of your neighbours for years to come. We can install new gutters, downpipes, soffit, fascia, windows and doors for you too if you are looking for a complete revamp.

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