Park Home Under floor Insulation


Our under floor insulation for park homes is based on the original foil-blankets developed by NASA and although it is lightweight it is incredibly thermally efficient.

We’ll visit your home and conduct a complete survey before we carefully install our breathable, insulated foil blanket underneath your home; trapping air and wicking away moisture.

SuperQuilt is a nineteen-layer, 40mm thick material, manufactured right here in the UK,  consisting of aluminium foil, wadding and high density foam.


Our system does not cause permanent changes to your home so no pipes, cables and underfloor areas are damaged or made inaccessible during install. 


The strong and thick quilted layers are attached to the underside of your home, trapping air within the many layers of the quilt and the home to provide you with warmth, stopping draughts and insulating your home.

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