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Our qualified advisors have years of experience surveying park homes for external wall insulation and when they visit you will conduct a thorough survey of your home in line with PAS2030, QICA and Insulated Homes requirements.  



When we visit you home we will not send a sales person.

We will send a qualified and competent person who will have been trained or is qualified as follows:


  • ACOP Gas Qualified

  • Fuel Poverty Awareness Trained

  • Fuel Bill Switching Trained (if required)

  • Domestic Energy Advisor (if required)

  • Dementia Friend

  • EWI System Supplier Qualified

Some of the points we will note in the survey are as follows:


  • Your home will be measured and a sketch of your vent locations will be taken and your home photographed.
  • The condition of your ply will be assessed and any areas of concern marked on your survey for our installers to replace.
  • Detailed notes will be made regarding any pipework and flues as well as how your home is constructed generally.
  • Any features such as decking or handrails that join your home are detailed.
  • This detailed survey allows us to produce an accurate quote and a clear scope of works. It also allows us to ensure that we are planning our health and safety requirements correctly and that the installers have clear​ instructions to follow regarding any unique features on your home.
Your Park Home Survey

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