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These terms and conditions explain your rights and responsibilities and also ours. Throughout, the word “you” means the customer and “we” means Insulated Homes Ltd.

1.  Installation: We will deliver the goods referred to overleaf and carry out the work as specified on this and any related continuation sheets. Insulated Homes Ltd policy is one of continuous improvement of products. We therefore reserve the right to incorporate modifications of a minor or technical nature in the products to be installed.

2. Payment:  You agree to payment terms shown on the attached contract. Where you have not signed a credit agreement you agree to pay the balance of the purchase price as stated on the contract by way of:

a) Bank draft or building society cheque made payable to Insulated Homes Ltd.

b) Personal cheque payable to Insulated Homes Ltd.

3. Access: You agree to provide reasonable access for our survey.  You also agree to provide reasonable access to enable installation to be completed as soon as possible. 

4. Delivery time: The installation target date quoted is that anticipated at the date of this agreement. This is an estimate and not a term of the agreement. Where any consents or permissions are required as in clause 10 below, the installation target date quoted shall be deemed to commence following receipt of written confirmation that the necessary consents or permissions have been granted.

If any part of your order has not been installed by our target date you may serve written notice on us by recorded delivery post to Insulated Homes Ltd, Horselake Farm, Cheriton Bishop, Exeter,EX6 6HD, requiring the work to be completed within 6 weeks.

Notwithstanding the foregoing we will not be liable for any delay in installation due to factors beyond our control including delays occurring due to applications/granting of local authority approvals, weather conditions.

If you the customer decide to defer installation beyond 6 months Insulated Homes Ltd reserve the right to cancel the contract.

5. Guarantees: The guarantees are given in addition to all your right under the common law and statue.

    Scope of the Guarantee, We, the contractor, guarantee:


That if within a 25 year period after the completion date, the works guaranteed are reported to be and proved to be defective due to faulty workmanship we will free of charge rectify the defective works or defective part of the works and cover the cost of remedial and replacement works plus materials. The guarantee covers the insulation system and not discolouration /staining or visual impairments of the silicone render top coat.

That we will endeavour to obtain and pass to the guarantee beneficiary a 10 year system guarantee from the system designer supplying the system incorporated in the works guaranteed.

1.3          That we will provide a 10 year insurance policy against our failure or the failure of the system designer to honour the guarantees provided respectively for the works guaranteed as a result of having ceased to trade through financial failure.

Delamination - Any faults caused from delamination of the insulation system from the substrate (wall), will be assessed. Where a default is found, the area affected will be removed and made good at the cost of Insulated Homes Ltd.

The guarantees are effective and provided payment has been made or, in the case of finance agreements provided regular payments are maintained.

1.4 The guarantee period commences on the date installation is complete and written notice of any claim under the guarantees must be received by us in writing during the guarantee period. This guarantee is personal to you and shall not be assigned without Insulated Homes Limited prior written consent.  If consent has been given by Insulated Homes Limited, the installation address detailed in this agreement will be transferable to the new owners on payment of the reasonable administration fee applicable at the time of transfer and on transfer the guarantee will be limited to twenty five years from the date of installation. 

6. Removal of protruding trims Existing trims will be cleared from the site where possible unless you have asked to keep them. We do not guarantee to be able to remove all items but where requested will do our utmost to comply.

7. Ventilation We will gladly open up all blocked external vents on your home.  The construction of your home requires this.

8. Additional work: Unless otherwise stated on the face of this agreement you will be responsible for the removal and reinstatement of aerials, burglar or telephone alarms or any other electrical fittings and obstructions on the building where work is to be carried out. Any pipework / flues etc. are your responsibility to have extended. 

9. Planning consents: Insulated Homes Ltd staff are happy to complete any necessary application forms in regard to seeking approval from site owners in order to gain consent for the EWI to be installed to your home. It is your responsibility to check with your site and obtain any necessary approvals. If at your request, we agree to carry out part of this agreement before such consents have been obtained we shall do so entirely at your risk and responsibility in so far as concerns such as consents and approvals and you will be responsible for and we will be able to claim from you any cost or losses we reasonably incur as a result of doing so. You will be and remain responsible for the payment of all fees and charges incurred in connection with the obtaining of any such permissions or consents, whether or not successfully obtained and will be unable to claim any possible funding opportunities.

10. Status check: We reserve the right to make credit and other similar enquires in respect of our customers before installation takes place. If these enquiries lead us to believe that there is a significant risk of payment not being made then we reserve the right to ask you to make payment of the full amount of the contract price before manufacturing and installation begins. Should we request you to make such payment then we will on request supply you with a copy of the information on which we have relied. If you decline to make payment then we may cancel the contract. Your deposit will be returned in full but we will have no further liability.

11. Data Protection: It is a statutory requirement from the department of transport local government and the regions (DTLR) that a PAS2030 registered installer must offer every customer insurance against the cessation of the installer and their subsequent inability to honour their guarantee. For this reason your name and address will be passed to our authorised insurance provider to enable them to write to you and offer the statutory insurance cover.

12. General: you should ensure that any representative or promise made before or at the time you sign this agreement that it is not included on this document or any related continuation sheets but is added in writing on the face of the agreement and signed by you and our representative. Insulated Homes Ltd seek to constantly develop and improve our products and service for our customers so we reserve the right to amend a product specification from time to time.

13. Notice of cancellation rights: You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days of signing. This right can be exercised by sending or taking a written notice to the contracts department. Insulated Homes Ltd, Horselake Farm, Cheriton Bishop, Exeter, Devon, EX6 6HD. If the work proceeds within that 14 day period you will be asked to sign a right to waiver, this just means you acknowledge you could have cancelled but choose to go ahead with the work. It does not affect any of your other rights. It is your responsibility to ensure that the request has been received within the 14 day time limit. Cancellations made outside this period and 14 days prior to work commencing are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. If the work has started or is due to start within 14 days you cannot cancel. If any third-party funding scheme is withdrawn or application unsuccessful after you have signed your contract, Insulated Homes Ltd reserve the right to cancel the contract.

14. Third Party Funding and loans. It is your responsivity to ensure you have adequate funding in place and the correct approvals before work commences. You are responsible for ensuring the entire sum on the contract can be paid for in full.

15. Interest Free Credit.  Insulated Homes Ltd. Horselake Farm, Cheriton Bishop, Exeter, Devon, EX6 6HD Company Reg 07280926 are registered with the Financial Conduct Agency (reference FRN 796522). Full details available on request.

Telephone: 01647 24599 Email: info@insulatedhomes.net

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